Planning a voyage

RYA Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster Offshore

Shorebased Theory
6-Day Course

On the Yachtmaster Theory course you can enjoy using the skills you developed in Day Skipper to plan longer passages. You'll also learn to work out if there will be enough water to stay in those cosy secret anchorages. You'll look in more detail at everything and generally become more fluent with your chartwork.

Believe it or not, Yachtmaster Theory is in many ways easier to grasp than Day Skipper. You've already covered the nuts and bolts of navigation. Now it's just a matter of developing those skills and learning more about passage planning. But don't delay - you don't want to forget all your Day Skipper basics! Here's what Doug had to say about that:

"I wish I hadn't left it so long between my Day Skipper Theory course and my Yachtmaster Theory course. It would have been much better to have done this the following year."

What's new on the Yachtmaster course?

Well there's a brand new RYA course pack this year with much more emphasis on electronic navigation. There's also a new assessment paper. The meteorology paper has been replaced with a passage planning exercise that you prepare at home. Apart from these new additions the standard topics below are what you can expect to get stuck into.

  • More precise secondary port calculations 
  • Calculate if you'll stay afloat through the range of tide - important in our UK waters!
  • Plan longer & more challenging passages - again a 'must' if you sail in the North West
  • Greater knowledge of the collision regulations
  • 3 assessment papers to complete during the course; passage planning, chartwork & col. regs.

Yachtmaster Theory with Bay Sea School is also a great opportunity to learn more about sailing & boating from the North West expert and award-winning instructor, John Parlane. He'll share his experience and tell you about things you just can't learn from books or an online course.

For those of you new to Bay Sea School, John's a Yachtmaster Instructor, Examiner & RYA Inspector. That's top level in the RYA sail training world! It'll be worth those extra miles to Morecambe. And with the new Bay Gateway which now by-passes Lancaster you can drive straight from M6 junction 34 to Morecambe in a matter of minutes.

Private courses & 1:1 tuition can be arranged. Contact us for more details.

Why choose Bay Sea School?

  • Highly experienced, friendly & patient Yachtmaster Instructor & Examiner 
  • Opportunity to complete Day Skipper & Coastal Skipper practical courses with John in Scotland
  • Special online facility unique to Bay Sea School for support at home
  • Continuity of learning from beginner to professional skipper over a full range of RYA courses
  • Meet new sailing friends - possible crewing opportunities
  • Private own-boat coaching and 1:1 tuition available
  • Enthusiasm, support & guidance with all your boating dreams
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 What the RYA say about this course

"The Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster shorebased course is an advanced course in navigation and meteorology for candidates aiming to achieve the Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate. The syllabus makes some provision for the revision of subjects covered in the Day Skipper course but those who have not acquired the knowledge set out in the Day Skipper course are unlikely to be able to assimilate all the subjects covered in this advanced course in the time available.

The assumed level of knowledge before starting this course is the RYA Day Skipper shorebased course.

Students are required to have a full knowledge of the 'International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea' before completion of the shorebased course for Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster Offshore. There is, however, insufficient time available in the course to teach the subject fully. The RYA book 'International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea' (G2) is a useful book for the study of the regulations." See the link above to get your copy now!