Beginner 2-day Sailing Courses
RYA Levels 1 & 2

Photo of two people learning to sail a yacht on the sea

"Fantastic location & instruction!"

Bay Sea School is unique on the North West coast. They specialise in teaching adult beginners & improvers how to sail on the sea in a 22ft yacht (also called a keelboat). They're very different from other training centres in another way too. Both their sailing instructors are Yachtmasters and John, the Principal & Chief Instructor, is a winner of the RYA 'Instructor of the Year' award.

Complete novice? 
Book a 2-day Beginner Level course.

Done some crewing or even a Competent Crew course? 
Book a 2-day Beginner Level course. Join in at Level 2 to develop your skills as the skipper.

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2-day Beginner Level Course (two stages)

  • Level 1 RYA Start Sailing - Gentle introduction to sailing for complete beginners 
  • Level 2 RYA Basic Skills - Develop your sailing, reefing, MOB & anchoring. 

You'll be amazed at how much you pick up during your first two days of sailing tuition. But don't leave it too long before you complete your beginner course with Level 2 Basic Skills though!

Over a total of four days tuition, split up into two separate 2-day courses, you'll experience all the basics of how to be skipper & crew of a small yacht on the sea. Bay Sea School teach both Levels 1 & 2 at the same time. So when you book any 2-day beginner course you can work towards either Level 1 Start Sailing or Level 2 Basic Skills. You can decide which level is best for you when you arrive and see what's involved. 

Expert sailors know the best way to learn to sail is on a small boat not a larger cruising yacht. Keelboats are the perfect option for adult beginners. You stay safely in the boat at all times. They provide a great combination of manoeuvrability and stability making them the ideal choice for less agile adult beginners. You get an immediate feel for sailing right from the start. And the best thing about keelboats is they never capsize!

These excellent courses adapt the basic RYA dinghy syllabus to yacht sailing on the sea. You'll focus entirely on all the basics such as sailing in all directions and adjusting the sails accordingly. There's lots of essential safety information specific to yachting on these keelboat courses and extra seamanship tips are also an added bonus at Bay Sea School.

Become a better day skipper by covering all the sailing basics on Keelboat Levels 1, 2 & 3 first. They're a great way to get ready for your summer flotilla holiday too!

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Become a better Day Skipper  
If you've done a Competent Crew course and intend moving straight to a Day Skipper practical course, you'll probably benefit from more hands-on experience with helming, sail settings and wind awareness etc. A Keelboat Level 2 course is ideal to develop your sailing skills. The more competent you are with your own sailing ability, the more your crew will trust and respect you as a day skipper!

What do I need? 

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What's included with my course fee?

  • RYA Sailing Logbook (G4)
  • RYA Start Sailing Handbook (G3)
  • RYA course completion certificate
  • Use of sailing waterproof trousers & jackets if required
  • All the necessary safety equipment including life-jacket

 Please note: If the weather is unsuitable for sailing, alternative dates will be agreed. 

Please make a note of your start time below when booking your sailing course.

Start Time Finish Places
Thur 28/06/2018 9 am Fri 29/06/2018 FULL
Sat 30/06/2018 9.30 am Sun 01/07/2018 FULL
Thur 12/07/2018 8.30 am Fri 13/07/2018 3
Mon 16/07/2018 10.30 am Tue 17/07/2018 1
Sat 28/07/2018 9 am Sun 29/07/2018 FULL
Sat 25/08/2018 8.30 am Sun 26/08/2018 FULL
Mon 27/08/2018 9 am Tue 28/08/2018 3
Mon 10/09/2018 9 am Tue 11/09/2018 1
Wed 12/09/2018 10 am Thur 13/09/2018 3
Mon 24/09/2018 8.30 am Tue 25/09/2018 3

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