Beginner 2-day Sailing Courses
RYA Level 1 or Level 2

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Bay Sea School is unique in the North West.  It's the 'go-to' place for adults to learn to sail on the sea on a 22ft yacht (also called a keelboat). 

This RYA Training Centre is very different in other ways too.  John, the Principal & Chief Instructor is no ordinary dinghy sailing instructor but a highly experienced Yachtmaster Instructor & Examiner as well as a winner of the RYA 'Instructor of the Year' award.  He also inspects training centres for the RYA.  So your safety on the water is very important at Bay Sea School. 

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Beginner Level Courses  (4 days tuition in total - Level 1 followed by Level 2)

  • Level 1 Start Sailing - 2-day course.  A gentle introduction to keelboat/yacht sailing on the sea for complete beginners and those with some experience as crew.
  • Level 2 Basic Skills - 2-day course.  Develop your sailing skills as the skipper.  Topics include reefing & MOB under sail & anchoring.

As a complete beginner you'll be amazed at how much you pick up during your first two days of sailing tuition.  Over a total of four days tuition (Level 1 followed soon after by Level 2) you'll experience all the basics of how to be crew & skipper of a small yacht on the sea.

Bay Sea School choose to restrict numbers on their keelboat courses to 3 people but can accommodate 4 students if required.  The instructor stays with you on the boat providing personalised instruction throughout your course.  When you book any 2-day beginner course you can work towards Level 1 or Level 2.  If you're not sure where you fit into this RYA training scheme, you can decide which level is best for you after you arrive and you've had a chance to experience what's involved.  Most people choose to do Level 1 first to consolidate their previous experience. This allows more time to absorb all the new experiences of keelboat sailing on the sea. 

Expert sailors know the best way to learn to sail is on a small boat rather than a cruising yacht.  So keelboats are the perfect option for adult beginners interested in yacht sailing & cruising.  With a winning combination of manoeuvrability and stability they're the ideal choice if small dinghies aren't your thing!  Keelboats provide a great hands-on feel for sailing like a dinghy.  And they have several key advantages too: they're bigger, there's more room to move around, the rigging & control lines are more like a yacht and most importantly, they've a fixed keel underneath which stops them from capsizing.

These excellent RYA keelboat courses teach the basic dinghy syllabus adapted for yacht sailing on the sea.  And learning to sail with Bay Sea School you'll be taught by mature instructors each with over 25 years sailing experience on the sea! 

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Your course fee includes:

  • RYA Sailing Logbook (G4)
  • RYA Start Sailing Handbook (G3)
  • RYA course completion certificate
  • Use of sailing waterproof trousers & jackets if required
  • All the necessary safety equipment including auto inflate life-jacket

 If the weather is unsuitable for sailing, alternative dates will be agreed. 

Please make a note of your start time when booking your course. The second day sometimes starts up to an hour later depending on the tide.

Start Time Finish Places Available
Good Friday 19/4/2019 9 am  Sat 20/4/2019 FULL
Easter Sunday 21/4/2019 10 am Mon 22/4/2019 FULL
Tue 23/4/2019 10.30 am Wed 24/4/2019 FULL
Bank Holiday Weekend
Sat 4/5/2019
8.30 am Sun 5/5/2019 FULL
Bank Holiday
Mon 6/5/2019
9 am Tue 7/5/2019 FULL
Wed 8/5/2019 10 am Thu 9/5/2019 FULL
Mon 20/5/2019 9 am Tue 21/5/2019 FULL
Tues 4/6/2019 9 am Wed 5/6/2019 1
Thu 6/6/2019 10 am Fri 7/6/2019 2
Mon 17/6/2019 9 am Tue 18/6/2019 1
Wed 19/6/2019 9.30 am Thu 20/6/2019 FULL
Thu 4/7/2019 9 am Fri 5/7/2019 2
Sat 6/7/2019 1030 am Sun 7/7/2019 FULL
Thu 18/7/2019 9 am Fri 19/7/2019 FULL
Thu 1/8/2019 8.30 am Fri 2/8/2019 3
Sat 3/8/2019 9.30 am Sun 4/8/2019 2
Thu 15/8/2019 9 am Fri 16/8/2019 3
Mon 19/8/2019 1030 am Tue 20/8/2019
Sat 31/8/2019  9 am  Sun 1/9/2019 
Wed 4/9/2019  11 am  Thu 5/9/2019 
Sat 14/9/2019 9 am  Sun 15/9/2019 
Mon 16/9/2019  9 am  Tue 17/9/2019 
Wed 18/9/2019  1030 am  Thu 19/9/2019 

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