RYA Safe and Fun FAQs

Why is your course cheaper than other Training Centres?

We provide the same RYA Safe & Fun course as the others. We agree with the RYA's advice that all training centres should keep the cost to a minimum to encourage new instructors into the scheme.

Why can't I login to the RYA website?

You need to allow up to 24 hours for payment to be confirmed and for us to then manually create your account on the RYAInteractive website. After this,  Follow the link we provided on the email with joining instructions and you'll be taken to the login page of the correct website. https://www.ryainteractive.org/login/index.php?company=Bay-sea-school/

Why is my Username or Password incorrect?

Please try again, it's possible that your computer or mobile device has entered a capital letter or a space.  Read the instructions very carefully!

I've logged in but I can't start the course.

The course is not available until you have read, and accepted the RYA Code of Conduct. In the first section, 'RYA Code of Conduct', click the link to read the code. Then click the next link labelled 'Acceptance of the RYA Code of Conduct'. Read this section and click in the circle by 'I agree'. Now click 'Save your choice' and return to the next course module.

I've completed the course, why can't I access the Knowledge check?

Check that there is a 'tick' in the circle to show the Safe and fun activity is complete. Secondly, try using a different device.

I've taken the test, why can't I get my certificate?

Once you have taken the test, you get the option to review your answers before submitting them. Press the 'Submit' button and get your result. Over 50% is a pass and you will be able to print your certificate.

I have completed the online course and test but I cannot find where I go to print the certificate?

You'll find it in RYAInteractive.org >  My courses >  Safe and Fun. Scroll down below the module called "The course" and you'll find it just before the "Feedback" module.

Where is my certificate number?

The certificate number is at the bottom of your certificate, it is the odd looking string of alpha-numeric characters.

I've lost my certificate, can I get a new one?

The original certificate can be found on the RYAInteractive website. Login to your user account, select the RYA Safe and Fun course and print the certificate. Keep it safe with your other RYA Instructor documents.

From time to time, the RYA clean up old accounts on the RYAInteractive website, but keep a record of all certificate details. If you need a copy after the account has been deleted, you can obtain another from the RYA.

Once you have successfully completed your instructor course and your trainer has supplied the relevant paperwork to the RYA, they will have all your details on record and you shouldn't need to produce this document again.

Top tip: Register an account on the RYA website. There is a handy feature in 'MyRYA Account' that lists all your Certificates of Competence, Instructor awards and expiry dates. It even allows you to 'Share' the certificates with others. For example, you can share your certificates with the Principal when working for a Training Centre.