Radar Course

Best thing since sliced bread!


This is a great 1-day introduction to RADAR for leisure boaters. It will give you an understanding of how radar is used for both navigation and collision avoidance.

If you're preparing for a Yachtmaster practical exam, you'll need to know about radar as well as all the usual sailing and navigation topics. This 1-day course is a great way to develop your knowledge.

The cost includes a certificate, the RYA Radar book and an RYA Radar Course booklet.


Radio Direction And Ranging - RADAR - uses pulses of radio waves which are reflected back off othervessels & features. This gives their direction, distance & bearing.

Knowing how to use radar can be a life-saver
"I didn't have radar on my own boat but was interested in doing this 1-day introductory course anyway.  One day I found myself crossing the Dover Straits in thick fog on a charter yacht.  I was very glad of the radar technology and that I'd done this course too!"

The 'ColRegs'
In restricted visibility, the colregs say that if radar is on your boat, you must use it properly.

Navigation Aid
Radar is an essential tool to see what's around you in fog, at night or in strange light conditions, such as the glare of sunlight off the water. It can also be used to get a position fix by distance and bearing to an obvious charted feature. Because radar can measure distance extremely accurately, a 3 'radar range' fix is often more accurate than your Global Navigation Satellite System. It's also a great aid for piloting your boat in difficult circumstances.

What else will I learn?
During the day you'll also learn about gain and clutter, targets and plotting, VRMs & EBLs, CPA & guard zones.

"That was an excellent day on Saturday. Taken some of the mystique out of the topic." - Graham
"Very knowledgeable instructor. The information was presented in a logical and informative way. The simulator brought it to life and we were able to experience all the different techniques and situations."

The course pack contains:
  • RYA Introduction to Radar (G34).
  • RYA Radar Questions and Answers.

Want a course at your venue?
A special Radar course can be arranged anywhere in the North West to suit you.

"Relaxed but efficient methods of teaching based on the ability of the students to absorb the info.  The course was custom fit for me. One to one attention on my own equipment."

Date Time Places
Saturday 13th July 9.30am 12

Radar course joining instructions

Location: Morecambe, unless otherwise stated.

Included in the course fee: Course pack, course completion certificate, refreshments.

Duration: 8 hours.

Student to instructor ratio 12:1